Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

$150 per hour

What A Session Is Like

In a typical session the client is fully clothed and sits comfortably. Light touch is used to detect the rhythm of the client's craniosacral system and together, practitioner and client work to return the system to its perfection. The practitioner develops an atmosphere of safety and trust where their hands can act as a mirror to investigate the client's bio-energetic system.

The Breath of Life, The Divine Wind
When Dr. William Sutherland, (originator of Cranial Osteopathy), began his explorations he discovered that he was sensing the dynamics of a powerful yet subtle physiological force within the human system. He realized that this force is the most fundamental ordering and healing principle... He believed that this ordering principle was generated by the action of what he called the Breath Of Life.  This divine wind expresses and orchestrates the intention to create. It may be sensed like a great wind that generates this organizing field, a great wind of life. The Chinese call this the Tai Ji,or the great breath. The Tibetans call it the wind of the vital forces. It may seem to pass through the body and through your hands. 
Craniosacral Biodynamics: The Breath of Life, Biodynamics and Fundamental Skill by Franklyn Sills






Intuitional Bodywork

$150 per hour plus Travel Expenses

I prefer to work with clients who have their own table. If you do the price drops to $125 per hour.

I was trained at the Swedish Institute in Massage and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy at the Colorado School for Energy Studies. Through years of practice and study my work is an amalgam that I call Intuitional Bodywork.

I work at the NYU Hospital for Joint Disease and their world-famous Rusk Institute. My clients are post-surgical patients who have had knee replacement, hip replacement, spinal surgeries or traumatic brain injuries.

I also work at the New York Health And Racquet Center at Cooper Square in the East Village.